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Complete Remote site CCTV monitoring services UK

Sentinel Security One Ltd. offers 24 hours remote site CCTV monitoring services throughout the UK, from installation to monitoring to repairing to maintain your home, retail, office, and industrial site. Our dedicated team of SIA licensed security personnel with other highly qualified and trained professionals keep sharp eyes on your property when you are not present there. Live audio warnings can alert intruders about round the clock monitoring. In case anyone tries to trespass, the motion-detecting cameras immediately send a notification to you can the respected Sentinel’s authorities. Necessary action follows after that.

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24/7 Key holding services

Be assured that your property is in the safest hands of Sentinel Security One Ltd., the most trusted key holder company, when you are away. Be it your home or business, our expert keyholding security team will take care of the copy of your property’s key.   Besides, we dispatch required security personnel to your place whenever necessary. Our SIA licensed keyholders cover an array of keyholding services from alarm activation to taking care of keys to respond to fire alarm, intruder, gas leaks, and others on time and daily routine visits for optimal protection 24/7. If you get locked inside or stuck outside of your property due to a misplaced key, our keyholders will instantly be at your service. You and your valuable property’s protection are guaranteed.

Emergency Security Guarding

Our SIA licensed frontline officers are extensively well trained and updated to take care of static and transit or security services. The quick response team will answer your call in least time and take necessary actions without delay. We conduct timely security audit to measure the safety status of clients and their businesses.

Reliable mobile patrol security

Whenever your business or residential zone requires site-wide security, Sentinel’s thoroughly trained and experienced officers deliver the most assured mobile patrol security services. Our mobile patrol officers arrive at the spot fitted with HD body cameras to record the site’s video during their duty hours. The built-in GPS keeps on showing the exact location of the ongoing footage. The SIA licensed mobile patrol security inspectors visit the client’s premises both randomly or on agreed time for maintaining optimum security. Clear perimeter warning signs alert the intruders of our presence. Get 24/7 customized mobile patrol services for residential, constructional, commercial, retail, and parking sites. We never keep a site unnoticed and deploy security officers immediately in the event of a break-in.

Assured and timely locking and unlocking of commercial premises

Do not panic if you don’t have an appointed professional who can take the decisive responsibility to lock and unlock the office building. Sentinel Security One Ltd. is always at your service with adept, and SIA licensed keyholding security who will assure that your corporate building is 100% safe after the usual business hours. Our keyholders thoroughly check and patrol every corner of your business premises and ensure there is nothing shocking waiting for the employees and guests. Besides, we also conduct a timely visit to your commercial area and carry out locking and unlocking coupling with detailed monitoring of all the doors and windows, padlock gates and close binds. You and your employees, guests, and property’s safety is our sole priority.

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